Monday, June 1, 2015

Art Birthday Party

This year I decided to combine the kids' birthdays. We did an art party where the kids had nachos, fruit, vegetables, and cake.

Brighton got started on the art stuff a little early. :) 

Then I had them sign birthday books for my kids per tradition and they painted canvases with their initials. 

I made special paint for Brighton and baby Addie to use in case they chose to eat it. Aren't they so cute?

This year I didn't really want my kids to get a bunch of stuff… the stuff they already have is driving me crazy. Maybe they can get knew stuff when they're older and their interests have changed. Anyway, I asked my family to get stuff for Lila to play soccer (thanks Tracee for the idea) rather than just more toys. I think there was a great balance of soccer stuff and toys! I'm so excited. 

Look at how cute her soccer gear is! Thanks grandma and grandpa and Aunt Jessica!

She got a surprise ball from Aunt Emma and Uncle Ethan. She LOVED it! As she unwrapped it candy and money (for soccer) fell out, but Lila just couldn't wait to get to the middle. In the middle was a sticky hand and she thought it was the coolest thing ever. 

Brighton got some clothes that he badly needed, a floaty thing (yay for our pool!) and a little money, too. They also got some cereal from Aunt Sarah. They think it's so cool. Lila got Frozen themed cereal and Brighton got the Avengers. :) 

Here's their cake that I made. It was my first full fondant cake, so even though it's not perfect, I was really happy with how it turned out.  

It was fun. I hope everyone had a great time! I know my kids did.  Thanks everyone for coming!  


  1. So much to say about this post!!

    1. Your kids look adorable.
    2. That is a FANTASTIC idea for a party.
    3. I also hate "stuff" and have decided I'm never buying my kids any toys EVER again.
    4. That cake is AMAZING.

  2. The cake looked amazing, and tasted delicious! Thanks for such a great party!