Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Museum of Natural Curiosity

This spring break has been a lot of fun. We've gotten a lot of cleaning and organizing done, but we've also had a great time together as a family.

Yesterday we spent our morning at The Museum of Natural Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point. It was so much fun! We hadn't been before so we thought we'd get there right at the beginning to try and get in quickly. Well that plan didn't entirely work out since we get there at 10:00 and there was a huge line of people already ahead of us waiting to get in.  I was a little concerned, but it ended up being just fine.

The kids really loved it. There were a couple of melt downs. I think there was just a lot of excitement and people around that they struggled a couple of times, but overall I'm very happy with how the kids were and we were able to stay for over an hour. To be fair to the kids, 10:00 is normally Brighton's morning nap time and so he was definitely tired near the end, and sometimes when he cries Lila cries too. 

The different areas were really cool and I felt like it's a place that caters really well to young kids as well as older kids. 

It was really nice having Micah there with me because then we could each take care of one child. 

Brighton especially loved the water room. That kid just loves water!

Lila liked the vet's office in Kidopolis.

We'll have to return again soon.

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