Sunday, April 5, 2015

April Conference and Easter 2015

I love, love, LOVE this time of year. I really look forward to general conference coming up. I never disliked conference, but it wasn't until I became an adult that I truly appreciated the messages shared and really felt like I needed them to help me replenish and continue forward in this life. 

This time around was very inspiring and encouraging. I especially enjoyed the messages on temple covenants and the purpose and importance of the family. Since becoming a mother the strength of a family has become so important to me and I worry about how Micah and I will raise our children in the world we live in today. I worry about how to teach our children to be loving and kind, but to absolutely stand up for what they believe to be true. I worry about the influence people that surround our children will have on them. I worry about how they will feel about the importance of family and of the true gospel. Conference always calms these fears and teaches me more about how to manage these situations. There will always be things that we cannot control (as much as I hate to think about that), but Micah and I have the temple covenants and ordinances to strengthen us, we have the tools from the church to use, and most importantly we have a loving Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ to turn to and depend upon. 

I especially love when Easter falls on conference Sunday. I don't even have a specific reason as to why. I just love it! It just makes it that much more special and spiritual and helps keep things in perspective.

It was fun to talk about Easter with Lila this year because she comprehends much more than she ever has before (obviously). She loves to talk about how Jesus is in her heart and so she connected Him dying but rising again to why He can be in her heart at all times. It's really very sweet. I hope she always has a love for her Savior. 

We also did the fun activities for Easter. We went to Grandma McSweeney's house and had a great time as a family (although we missed not having Eliza's family, Rebecca's family, and of course Grandpa there with us). 

We ate delicious food that included conference potatoes (best things ever!), easter deviled eggs, and a cute bunny cake that Emma made.

Side note: We were pulling into our parking lot when Brighton once again got car sick. :( Oh well, at was still an incredibly fun day. I just feel bad for the little guy. 

We did an Easter egg hunt where the kids found their specific colors. Brighton got tired of finding them after about a dozen eggs, and really just wanted to play in the dirt like he had been doing before. :) They also got prize eggs… Brighton got a water gun and Lila got sidewalk chalk. They were very cute about it. They got bubbles and candy and just had a great time with their cousins. This was the only egg hunt we did this year and I'm glad. It just made it that much more exciting.

Mum then had an adult egg hunt (that none of us knew about). The sisters went crazy for it and we were probably more enthusiastic than even the kids. :) I love spending time with my family. 

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter and had the opportunity to remember our Savior and His example and sacrifice. I hope we remember what a gift His life was and continues to be for us. How grateful I am to have a personal relationship with my Savior. 

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