Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Right now for our family scripture study we are reading from this book:

It was the book that I had as a little girl and I loved it. It's great for Lila because it has so many pictures and tells the Book of Mormon stories in a simple way. I think it will be a good tool to lead into the regular scriptures. Anyway, it's been a lot of fun sharing these stories with Lila everyday and she's VERY curious about all the people in the pictures. She constantly asks "who's that" on each page.

She has started to recognize reoccurring people such as Nephi and Lehi. She tries to say their names and it is so cute! My favorite of all time though is what she calls Alma. She says "Almo". I know it's not that far off, but if you could just hear how she says it, you'd hear how cute it is. It's also funny because she really likes Elmo so I'm pretty sure she's combining the two names. 

It's been so fun sharing the scriptures with her and teaching her gospel principles. She has also become very good at prayers. She has loved to pray since she was one, but now we just have to say "time for prayer" and she remembers to fold her arms, bow her head and close her eyes all on her own. She also loves to say "Amen" and has to give us a high five after each prayer. When we play primary songs she "sings" along, but is not actually saying any words. She is such a delight. 

I'm so grateful that we are able to raise our children in the Church. I look forward to her saying her own prayers and singing real words to the primary songs. :) 

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