Sunday, July 14, 2013

Curious Lila

On Saturday, Lila finally got to have her 2nd birthday party. It was Curious George themed and a lot of fun. It was so great to have all of the family together to celebrate our little girl. Lila had a great time and really loved her presents. Surprisingly, she didn't really care about the food. She only ate half of her special cupcake and gummy bears from her banana split. Oh well, it's her party and she'll do what she wants to.

I'll let you know now that there are a lot of pictures, and they are in no particular order because it would take forever to put them in order :). 

Lila's red-velvet cupcakes. They were SO good. I love finding recipes on Pinterest. :)

 The set-up before everyone was there, and before I remembered the syrup. I also forgot the whipped cream until after almost everybody had already eaten. Oh well. 

 If you can't read it, it says "Write a birthday wish for Curious Lila." I've decided I'm going to have a book at each of her birthdays that has to do with the theme and have the guests sign it. I think she'll love it when she's older. 

The cupcakes with all of the toppers on it.

The beautiful birthday girl. Right now she thinks that she has to duck down when I take a picture of her. I'm not sure why...

Cousin Sydney enjoying her banana split.

Lila's invitation.

Emma modeling her banana split WITH the whipped cream. 

Lila loved all of her gifts. She has already had so much fun with them. 

Funnily she got two of the same dolls and strollers but in different colors. We aren't taking anything back though because she LOVES her babies. 

Trying to carry them at the same time.

The front cover of the book. People signed the back cover, too. 

I had so much fun creating decorations, getting ready for the party, and spending time with my family. I   know Lila had a great time with her family around her. Thanks everyone for coming and helping us celebrate "Curious Lila"!

(Oh and can I say I love having such a nice backyard. The grass is so soft. We'll actually spend time outside our own home now.)


  1. Love the banner! Such a cute idea for a theme.

  2. Happy Birthday Lila. You are one special little girl who has wonderful parents that love to spoil you rotten !! What a great party. We really wish we were with you. Love you and miss you always xxxx