Thursday, May 2, 2013

5 Years Today

Well, this is Micah. I rarely post on this blog, but today is our anniversary. We've been married 5 years today. (So have Megan and Pottsy. Them in Salt Lake I think, and us in Manti. Congrats folks!)

Well, life hasn't gone exactly to plan in our marriage, but we have been tremendously blessed. Certainly, we cannot justify complaining. We are not done pursuing our goals, but we've been blessed so far.

We're getting away for our anniversary for a couple of nights, and Lila (and the house) will be watched by family. We're just going to Park City, but we'll be in a glorious luxury villa. Park City is where we went for our honeymoon, and we've been there again for a previous anniversary. We enjoy it because it's close to home, so we don't spend a ton on travel expenses, and it's not crazy jammed with the tourists this time of year. Getting a table at a restaurant isn't even hard. And because the skiing season's over, all the rooms are at excellent prices. It's the sort of place that's stress free. Travel is stressful to me. I'm a logistics nut, and the logistics of travel bug me. I love small and simple vacations. A hotel room, some dinners, movies, sleeping in, pools, hot tubs, the beach. I don't go on vacation to do stuff. I go on vacation to do nothing at all, and love every moment of it. My nightmare is stuff like Disneyland. Fly there, rent a car, big crowds, pay loads of cash to go wait in line for stuff I don't want to do, and just spend a ton of money to not necessarily have a good time. People say it's for the kids. Blah blah blah. I was a kid once. You know what I loved? I loved my folks renting a beach house or hotel room and then fishing off the docks or the jettys, swimming in the surf, goin to the pool, playing ball, playing video games, staying up late, playing Monopoly, and bbqing with the family. My idea of a relaxing vacation will never be Disneyland or any kind of vacation that does not permit me to veg out or be some variation of a beach bum. We had a fantastic vacation to Surfside with my family last year. And the vacations we've loved with her family have been similar. We were in some big house in Park City for New Year, or in the mansion down in Hurricane swimming in the pool, riding dirt bikes and 4 wheelers, and bbqing. Ballerific.

Anyway, I'm excited that my wife (and I) will be able to relax for a couple of days before baby #2 comes. My wife needed a break before this next one came. If we didn't squeeze it in now, it wouldn't happen for another year until the new baby was a little older.

I love my wife. She is so dedicated to her family. She is always trying to please me. She is always trying to serve her daughter and teach her and provide fun experiences for her. Louisa is so warm, caring, forgiving, and committed. We have great communication. I trust her. I admire her. I hope our children become like her. We have only been as happy as we have been as a family because of her. She and Lila are my world. We're only 5 years into an eternity, but hopefully the Lord will see it fit for us to have a long long time together in this life. I have much still to learn from her and the Lord. I sincerely look forward to our time together everyday. Ruby Tuesday and sleeping in here we come!


  1. So sweet! Louisa is awesome, I agree.

    We'll hit 5 years this year, too, in June.

    Congratulations to you guys!

  2. You guys are awesome! We will think of you, on May 2, every year forever :) Your anniversary weekend sounds awesome!!! Have a great time!
    Now that we're in Utah, we need to get together.