Friday, April 12, 2013

Funny Hair, Funny Faces

As I have said before, Lila has a LOT of hair. The hair in the front only just comes to her shoulders, but the hair in the back is much longer. Anyway, I HAVE to pull it back, but Lila loves to have her hair down. She keeps it out of her face by using one hand to hold it back. It's SOOOOO adorable. These pictures show her hair after it has been up all day. I wish that you could better see the wonderful volume.

After taking a few photos of her hair, she started making faces and growling. She also loves apples and wants to be a big girl like her momma so she likes to eat it from the core instead of slices. (Don't worry! I am always around and monitoring her when she is doing this. :))so that is what the last part of these pictures are. 

This one is my favorite!

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