Saturday, May 25, 2013

Brighton Update

The baby boy is doing well. He was moved into what they call an isolette to help him grow. Brighton has been able to breathe on his own and maintain his body temperature, but he wasn't able to gain weight. They said that everything is a stimulant to him right now because he's used to the environment in the womb. So noise, light, temperature, is all affecting him. This is causing him to burn calories just to breathe and stay warm. To help with this, they put him in the isolette and gave him oxygen last night. He is doing great and actually gained an ounce today. Yay! So now we know that he can breathe on his own, maintain his temperature AND gain weight, but he can't do all of them at once and he hasn't learned to feed through his mouth. Slowly but surely he is coming along. It has been so fun to see how far he's come in just the few days he's been with us. We love the little boy so much!

My handsome baby. :) 

Here he is in the isolette.

 He can wear clothes now because he doesn't have an IV.

Sorry for the bad picture quality... it's with my phone and it's best that the light is dim for him to grow. 


  1. He is an absolute doll! Love his hair!
    Keep us updated on how he is doing! Hope you are recovering well.

  2. I just saw your news, congratulations! You have such a great attitude about it, which I think will help Brighton get stronger. I definitely know what you are going through--it's a hard thing to have a baby come early-- so please don't hesitate to contact me if you need anything! Good luck with the whole process and keep up the good attitude!