Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter and Spring Break

This past week was Spring Break for Alpine School District. It was fantastic having it start off with Easter and ending with General Conference. This was Lila's first Easter being able to do fun things... last year I was sick. We went to an Easter egg hunt in Lindon on Saturday. Lila did not know what she was supposed to do. By the time she figured it out the eggs were GONE! She did end up with four and I was very proud of her. I thought because she did a little hunt on Saturday with lots of people she would love the one on Sunday with all of her cousins. She did a terrible job... she didn't want to pick them up so she would kick them or try and stomp on them. They were eventually all picked up, but you could tell that she didn't really get why we were having her do it. It was really funny! I videotaped it thinking that it would be so great to catch her with her first few Easter egg hunts, but it turns out that next year will probably be a lot better. :) It was still a lot of fun though and great to spend Easter with family. Church was also really great and it was wonderful to feel the spirit all day long because of it.

All of the cousins on Easter Sunday

The egg hunt on Saturday
(I got the cutest picture of her with those bunny ears on, but now I can't find it. :( )

Looking at a plane in the sky... her eggs were the pink ones.

Once Spring Break really started we spent the first few days just being together as a little family. It was great to just relax and be with each other. We also got our registration notice for our car. Thinking that we would just pay the fee for getting it checked out and then for the registration we weren't super worried about cost. It turns out that one of our front tires had too much play in. A few weeks ago we hit a pot hole that was within a speed bump... yeah, it was really bad, and $750 later on April 2nd we're pretty much low on money for the ENTIRE month as I only get paid once a month... at the end. Anyway, we are definitely slim with money this month now, but I'm really grateful that we have savings and no debt (outside of a car payment), so in reality we're really blessed. We seem to continually get hit with huge bills of some type, but it seems to happen when we're somewhat prepared financially.

On to better and happier things I also did a lot of experimenting with cooking/baking this week. I made my first ever Indian food- Chicken Tikka Masala with Naan. It was very good, but I still LOVE Kohinoor's. I also made 100% whole wheat waffles... so good, and milk chocolate brownies- amazing! I was most proud of the brownies because I made them from scratch, including finely chopping the milk chocolate to melt and mix in. The rest was really easy. Micah loved them though and so it was all very much worth it. I also think things test better when I've put real effort into them.

We also did some service by taking a homeless person a meal. It was a real last minute decision, but Micah came home from the grocery store and told me about a man that he saw. We are the type to normally drive by, but I had just finished making taco soup and we decided that this could be a chance to actually give him something. I know that many of them can get help from other sources, but it still felt good to actually do something, because I always have a gnawing guilty feeling when we just keep going.

We did some temple work and can I say that I am so grateful that I have the temple dress that I do. I LOVE that it still fits even though I'm 28 weeks pregnant. It's great!

Finally, we also went to the aquarium in Sandy and Lila was in love with all of the animals. Like most children she just adores animals and making animal noises so she was in heaven. She especially loved the otters and snakes. It was so cute to hear her making noises and saying "wow!" all the time. She is seriously so adorable and I can't believe how much I love her. She makes me want to be a better person and I'm so blessed to have her.

The penguins

The Sea Otters (her favorite!)

The Electric Eel

We ended the weekend with General Conference which was so great. I will admit though, I need to watch the second Sunday session again as I fell asleep for part of it and then Lila was very distracting the rest of it. There were some amazing talks though.

I had a very nice vacation, but it went by way too fast. I only have 8 weeks left of teaching for the year though and then it will be time to be super focused on Brighton! Summer, I'm looking forward to you coming!


  1. haha I love Lila's egg hunt adventures! That basket she has is sooo cute!
    So sorry about your car! Something similar happened to Tony's car once and wow, I was shocked at the bill! You would think you could just fix the tire and it would be good.
    We are excited to live by you guys again...I sent you an e-mail earlier about moving :)

  2. I am so behind in reading everyone's blogs! I can't believe how big lilah is and how long her hair is! She is so cute! And you are so cute pregnant! I am so excited for you to have a boy!

  3. Hahahaha. I freakin' love Lila's face in the first pic. Makes me laugh every time. It's now my desktop background. :)