Monday, October 10, 2011

Lila's room- only 4 months late

So I know I'm such a slacker for not doing her room before now, but she slept in ours for the first three months so... that's my excuse. :) The saddest part is that I still have some vinyl to put up, baby pictures of Micah and myself, a picture of Christ from my mum to put up AND a picture of the temple. Maybe it will happen by her first birthday. I'll post those pics when it all happens.

I love these drawers that I got for 10 bucks at a garage sale! (ha! They're from my sis- thanks Bec.) Just needs a little magic eraser.

The banner isn't perfect, but I like it and the big L.

Of course I have to have a picture of my beautiful baby in her crib!


  1. Oh and picture book shelves for the hundreds of books I already have for her. :)

  2. I love the shape of that dresser! Joey is still in our room, in the bassinet. I keep telling myself it's time for him to go in his room but I just don't want to have to walk across the house to feed him in the middle of the night! His room is currently a disaster zone! Clothes and blankets everywhere haha. One of these days I'll move him over, but I think I'm secretly in denial that he's not a tiny newborn anymore.
    Oh and this is Megan, not Tony :)

  3. Its better late than never! It looks great!