Thursday, October 13, 2011

4 months

I know I'm never creative with the posts titles, but whatever, 4 months is what it's about.
It is incredible to me how much I love our little bean. She seriously makes us so happy and she is so much fun! I didn't think they could be so fun to have around at such a young age, but everyday she makes me laugh. I can't get enough of this chubster!

Lila had her 4 month appointment today and, boy, has she grown!
At 4 months and 8 days she weighs 15 lbs 1 oz. putting her in the 76%. This is funny considering at 12 days she was in the 10th percentile. I guess she's a good eater! :)
Her height is 24 inches, so she's still a little shorty and in the 33rd percentile. Finally, her head size is 16.25 inches putting her in the 54th percentile.

So ADORABLE! I love the wrinkle in her nose when she smiles. I know people will think I'm biased, but my baby is absolutely the most beautiful, adorable, cute, pretty, perfect, little angel in the whole world! I love this little girl.

This little miss loves to:
suck on her entire hand! :)
be in her exersaucer
lay on her back
blow raspberries
watch people on t.v.
sit up
stand up
listen to primary songs
and just be with her mom and dad. (We love it, too)

I know I'm so sappy when it comes to my babe, but hey, that's how mothers are right?

P.S. The doc (who is the best) said she can start on rice cereal now. We haven't decided when we want to yet. Any opinions?

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  1. Ah...the time just goes by too fast! What a cutie. I don't have any opinions on rice cereal/baby food. I've just started giving Joey baby food, but really just for fun. It doesn't seem to help him sleep longer, but maybe for some babies it does!