Thursday, September 29, 2011


**Seriously, a bunch of pictures.**

It's been a while since I really posted and a lot has happened and yet not too much. Lila is growing so beautifully. Every time I look at her I can't believe just how gorgeous she is and how much I love her. The funny thing with babies is that no matter how grumpy you are, if you just take one look at them your day instantly brightens and you are the happiest person in the world, even when they are part of the reason you're grumpy.

Anyway, Lila is of course so adorable and has the most adorable little laugh. I still haven't been able to get it super consistent, but when it happens it is life changing. She is also really, really close to rolling over. To be honest she doesn't get as much tummy and back time as she probably should because I can't help but hold her whenever I'm around. She gets a lot more of it when Micah is the one in charge of her.

Lila got to see her Grandma Pratt and Great Grandpa Hilton again. She looks so cute in his arms. :)

4 generations. :)

We let her taste a popsicle. I know she's so young, but we couldn't help it, but no, family, this does not mean you get to give her stuff whenever you want. ;)

She's losing a lot of her hair. :( But it's funny that she has such an old man hair line.

This is Lila ready for our ward breakfast and for the BYU-Utah game. Sad loss, but the next day she wore her BYU bow to show that we are still loyal fans. (For some reason my computer won't let me rotate that pic.)

Just some other random and beautiful pictures of Lila. The swim diaper was HUGE on her and it would've come up higher on her, but the leg holes wouldn't allow it. :) I miss that hair!