Monday, September 5, 2011

Three months

Lila is three months today! Holy cow! She is even more beautiful than the day she was born. Each day we get with her is a wonderful blessing. Here are a few things about my beautiful baby.

She loves to coo with you, but only if she starts it otherwise she doesn't understand what you're doing.
She spends way more time smiling than doing anything else.
She just started to grab at things that she finds interesting, on purpose.
She is really strong and can hold her head up very well.
She is so close to laughing and I just can't wait to hear that sound.
She goes to bed around 10 and only wakes up once at night before 6:30.
She doesn't like to lie down as she loves to see what's around her.
She loves to be outside still, especially when there's a small breeze.
She's a BYU fan already! :)
She is such a wonderful, wonderful baby!