Saturday, May 21, 2011


I now have my hospital bag together. It was a relief getting it done. We have the car seat installed and the stroller put together. I've washed all of her clothes, but still need to put them away... not looking forward to that. I made a big wall decoration for her wall. It's the letter L in yellow gingham material with padding. I got my inspiration from the "E" in FRIENDS... haha. I'm getting really excited and impatient. It's all becoming very, VERY real. We have diapers and wipes for the beginning. I have all the little accessories to make her happy. The only thing we don't have yet is the crib, but we're not worrying about that until after Micah's parents are no longer here. We want to make sure there is enough room in the spare bedroom for them and we're using a bassinet for the first little while anyway. It will be fun assembling that. :) When her room is actually put together with the crib then I'll post pictures. Right now there isn't much to look at. I can't wait for our little baby girl to come! Hopefully I won't have to wait more than the 4 weeks I have until my due date and she may even come early as she already tried once. We'll see. Two weeks left of school... hallelujah. I love my job, but am SOOOOOO looking forward to the break. Any last minute advice? Anyone? We know that we can't really be prepared for the reality of it all, but we are trying. ;)


  1. We need to find a time to get the bassinet to you. Memorial day, maybe? Let us know. We're excited for you guys!

  2. just enjoy the time you have left with just you and your husband. You don't feel like you will ever get to see your little girl and the next thing you know she is only a couple months away from her 2nd birthday.