Sunday, May 8, 2011

34 weeks

Here I am at 34 weeks. I feel huge, and I feel like I look huge, but I'm only measuring 4 days ahead and I'm not gaining too much weight so who knows. Some people have told me that I look huge and some have said that I don't look big enough to be due in 6 weeks. I'm sure people are just trying to be nice, but it sure makes me feel better than being told I look huge. Haha. I'm really not sensitive about it even though it sounds like I am. :) Anyway, it's going well, but I'm definitely getting REALLY uncomfortable and my pelvic bone and hips hurt really bad when I lay down or when I try and get up from sitting or laying down. They hurt when I walk too, but it's not super bad. Night time is the worst though. I have to wake Micah up any time I need to change positions so he can help me because I'm in too much pain. My poor husband is so loving even though he's losing a lot of sleep too. Any suggestions of what to do or did anyone have these kinds of pains? I'm not too worried, but should I be? I plan on telling my doctor about it on Thursday at my appointment and I think everything will check out. We'll see. My baby is huge so maybe she's just putting more pressure down there while my joints are loosening. Any advice or thoughts are welcome.


  1. I know a lot of of women will sleep in a lazy boy or love sac etc. Just because it is more comfortable to be in a different position than laying on your side. I personally didn't have that much pain while sleeping, but walking at the end was very painful, my hips would pop out of place. Not fun. I don't know if there is much you can do, besides just take it easy until your little one arrives.

  2. Yeah, the pains are normal. It's like your hips are being pulled apart and it's especially bad when you get up out of bed. I think that's why pregnancy is 40 weeks--you're willing to do ANYTHING, even go through labor, to get the baby out so you can be comfortable again. I wish I could say it gets better haha. It doesn't but just hang in there! 33-34 weeks is when I start to get super uncomfortable as well. It's like all the sudden you pop out, you're in pain and your feet start swelling no matter what you do! It's a sign that you're at the end though!!!!