Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Church History Museum

My ward's relief society headed up to Salt Lake to visit the newly redone Church History Museum. It was beautiful and quite the experience! It was really fun to visit with the sisters in my ward and see many sacred and amazing things done by the early saints. I'm always so appreciative of all they did for us and it leaves me with a new resolve to do better. I love the church! I love church history! I love all that the early pioneers did. Thank you so much!

We started with a new video of the first vision. The room that they have it in is amazing. It makes you feel like you're there!

They have the original printing press that was used to print The Book of Mormon. I thought the one in the Grandin Press Shop was it, but apparently that one is a replica. Who knew?

Just because... ;)

I plan on taking the kids up to see the museum sometime soon. I really think they'd love it. 
If you haven't gone yet, head up there. I think you'll have a great time!

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