Saturday, March 11, 2017


Another trip to the aquarium. We love it there! Thanks Josh and Eliza for the pass. We've really loved having it!

There's really not much to say, so like most of my posts, it will mostly be pictures. Are you ready?

Brighton, surprisingly, likes to feel the shock from the electric eel.

We always have to get pictures on the giant frogs.

The kids always like the "underwater" room.

We usually have to drug Brighton with dramamine so he doesn't throw up in the car, because of this, he starts to feel tired and gets crabby. This was starting to happen here so he really wanted to go into the photo booth. I wasn't about to pay for photos, but he was adamant about taking pictures, so instead I did them on my phone. :) 

It worked! He lasted just long enough to make it through the rest of the aquarium.

I'm sure you'll see another barrage of aquarium photos sometime in the future. :)

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