Friday, August 26, 2016


I'm going to start out this post by admitting that I probably didn't handle this situation as well as I should/could have. It was very frustrating for me, to say the least. Let me start at the beginning.

I came home from work and found Micah and Brighton in the front room. Lila came bounding down the hallway, gave me a hug, then joined her daddy and brother on the couch. As she was sitting next to Micah, her braid that was in her hair came forward. I noticed that it looked a little strange. Then, as I looked at her hair closer, I noticed that A LOT of her hair looked rather strange. I asked Lila what she had done with her hair. At first she said that she didn't do anything, then when I wouldn't let it go, she started saying "I didn't hurt myself. I didn't hurt myself". (She knows that we don't play with scissors without supervision.) 

Finally, she admitted to what she had done and told us that she had done it next to daddy's side of the bed in our bedroom. I went in and only found a few strands of hair on the ground. I knew how much she had cut off, so I went searching for me. She had stuffed A BUNCH of it under Micah's night stand. Clearly she knew that she wasn't supposed to be doing what she was doing. 

The more I looked at her hair, the angrier I got. She had cut off at least a little bit from every single piece of her hair. Not one hair on her head had not been touched. That was a huge part of my frustration. It wasn't just one area that was butchered. It was her whole head. I could also tell that she had tried to cut the braid, because it was frayed. Luckily, she had that braid at the front of her hair or I can only imagine what she would've done with it. 

I told her over and over that I couldn't fix this and that I was very upset. She was to start Kindergarten in 3 days... THREE DAYS! I had dreamt of the fun hairstyles I was going to do in her hair for school. The craziness of the cuts showed me that they just weren't going to be possible. 

I texted my family, as well as some friends/coworkers. Luckily, one of my friends at work is a hair dresser and told me to immediately come over and she would fix it as best as she could. She did wonders!  We made up by the end of the evening and I apologized for getting angry, but explained to her that she had made a bad and dangerous decision. 

Lila does now have a comb-over and will for a long time, but at least it's manageable. We've had a lot of fun trying to get her hair pulled off her face for soccer games. ;) She's also asked for braids, etc. that I used to do, but I just tell her that I can't do her hair like she wants, because of what she did. Don't worry... I don't make her feel terrible about it anymore, but I'm pretty sure she won't be getting/wanting a haircut for awhile. 

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