Sunday, August 28, 2016

Back to School Feast

Since Lila is going into Kindergarten, I again did a back to school feast. This is such a fun tradition that I plan on continuing with all of my kids. I asked Micah to find a theme for us this year, then I asked Lila what she would like for dinner. He chose D&C 50:40-41 and Lila chose chicken alfredo with broccoli. Those two things were our focus for the evening.

I kept the decorations really similar to last year as I was really busy the week leading up to school with actually teaching. :) Next year, I hope that it's different. I guess we'll see. I was just happy that I pulled it off at all. Here are the pictures for this year.

 Sorry for the bad lighting.

We did "kissing hands" again. The kids loved them. :)

Love you, girl! Can't believe you're getting so big!

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