Thursday, March 31, 2016

Random March Photos

Here's my post for all of the cute March photos that didn't make it into a post. Enjoy!

The kids enjoying ice cream. Yes, we still strip our kids down to eat things like that at home. Those days are coming to an end soon, I'm sure. :(

 Lila's Play-doh castle with her unicorn Magic as the queen... and bits of Play-doh in the background.

I know these photos seem really random, but I was really happy with them. It was Teacher Appreciation Week for Lila's teacher so I made cupcakes for her preschool teacher and aides for one of the days. I really wanted a cute box to put them in, so I made some boxes on my Cricut. I even put a plastic covering on the see through part, even though you can't tell in the pictures.  I love how they turned out! 

Sydney's baptism cake that I made. I had to take a picture of it after the disaster of Hallie's. I still cry inwardly when I think of that.

 One of my favorite pictures of my kids. Micah took it one day while I was at work. It seriously made my day!

That's it for March!

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