Sunday, January 31, 2016

Australia Day 2016

As usual, Australia Day was really fun. I love celebrating this holiday and getting together with my family! We had such DELICIOUS food, played fun games, took pictures, and mingled with friends and other fellow Aussies. 

My family that was there.
Look at the shirts my sister, Sarah, designed! Aren't they cool? It won't let me upload picture of the design, so hopefully you can kind of tell what's on the shirts.

My cute niece, Addie.

A few people trying their luck at Tim Tam Slams.

This year I made my kids' shirts. They were simple enough and I had a fun time making them. They're not perfect, but that's okay. ;) 



I also made Lila a bow.

I also made Lamingtons for the first time and Fairy Bread (not for the first time). SOOOO GOOD! 

These are a picture of my sister Emma's because I didn't take some of mine. Her's are a lot prettier than mine, but they were all tasty. 

Singing time!

As I mentioned, we played games. Classics like Tunnel Ball and Captain Ball were played with the adults and children… my children are SUPER good at them. ;) 

Addie kept walking around inside the circle sharing her noise maker. :) What a sweet little girl! 

My personal favorite is Pass the Boomerang. It's incredibly awkward, but it makes you laugh like crazy. Here are some of the awkward photos. :)

Notice who's missing? My son, of course! He was not interested in taking a picture. Oh, well… maybe next year.

We had a great time and look forward to next year!

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