Saturday, October 31, 2015

Spooky Saturday

Another Halloween activity we did for the month was Spooky Saturday at the Thanksgiving Point Museum of Ancient Life. The kids had a fun time, but if I'm honest, there wasn't really anything spooky or extra special about the museum. It said to have the kids dress up and come do some activities, but really we were some of the very few that dressed up, and the museum was exactly the same, except that there was a little pumpkin toss game and a small face painting station. At least my kids enjoyed themselves and I did get a great picture of Brighton in his costume before we left. :) It gave us something to do, but I don't know that we'll bother again. Maybe if I hear that it has improved. 

I know that most of these pictures look pretty much exactly the same, but I just love how Brighton's face changes slightly in each one. 

Here's a cute one where they're both smiling. 

I have a ton of pictures of them at this museum already, but I still wanted to include a few from this visit. 

We wondered if this had anything to do with the Spooky Saturday. We found it randomly in this kind of dark, hidden spot next to a bench… we never did find out if it was supposed to be anything.


Lila really did love her Cheetah face paint even though she doesn't look like she did. Ha!

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