Saturday, October 31, 2015

Last Soccer Game

Lila had her last soccer game on the 24th. I was sad that it was over, but it was a great game. Micah and  I were both able to attend because our niece was staying with us and watched Brighton. It was one of Lila's best games. She didn't score any goals, but she worked really hard because she really wanted to score a goal for me like she had done for her daddy. She almost scored 3 separate times. They really did just go outside of the net. I, of course, didn't care, but I was proud of how aggressive she was playing, how good her attitude was, and how much fun she was having. She loved getting her medal at the end of the game, but really she was just happy to have played. 

(These first photos are actually from one of her practices.)

Here are the pictures from her game.

Some of these pictures Lila took because she wanted some of her team, and she wanted to use my camera.

The Cheetahs 2015

Here she is with her coach. He was really good and really patient with her. :) 

I really have loved watching her grow and get better throughout the season. I look forward to spring soccer and seeing her improve even more!

We are so proud of you Lila!!!

*This is not going to be the last post on soccer because our coach has lots of pictures of the kids that his dad took with his way better camera. Once I get those photos, I'm going to do one last post. I just can't help it! I'll also include her team pictures. 

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