Saturday, August 29, 2015


Lila is FINALLY old enough to play city league soccer. I have been waiting pretty much since she was born for her to be able to play. I love watching this little girl in action. She definitely doesn't really know what she's doing, but she's a trooper and really does try. So far she's only had two games and two practices, but honestly she has already improved. She's loving it and I love watching her play!

Her coach is great and VERY patient. I have some great videos too, but I'll just put them in another post.

Her first practice… she had a lot to talk to the coach about. ;)

Her first game. Go Cheetahs!

Brighton REALLY, REALLY wanted to play on be at the park next to the field. He was not interested in watching. Only a few more years bud! I can't wait!

The first half for Lila was a little rough. She wasn't getting the ball so she had a hard time and kept wanting to talk to Micah and me about it. The second half was a lot better after she talked with her daddy… except the one time she picked up the ball so she could kick it better. :) We had a good laugh.

After her first game. 

You'll probably see a few more posts about soccer before the season is up. It's just too cute to not share. 

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