Saturday, February 28, 2015

Fondant Fun

For Valentine's Day my wonderful husband got me some stuff to add to my cake decorating collection. Amongst the things that he got me were a bunch of fondant molds. (I was so excited!) Anyway, one night Lila and I decided to try out a few of the molds that he got me with some leftover marshmallow fondant that I had. She actually stayed up two hours past her bedtime creating with me. We had such a good time!

Lila did a really great job of rolling out her fondant to then use the fondant presses on. She was really loving all the different shapes and colors.

Here are some of the things that I can create. (A very small portion of the stuff that Micah got me)

Don't worry… I would never actually decorate cupcakes like these. It was really fun piling stuff on top though. :) Lila had a great time with it.

Micah also got me several new food colors from Americolor. I love their colors. I already had a few, but he got me 12 more. (Clearly I'm not afraid of food coloring)

With them I created some pretty cupcakes for my sister's bridal shower. Her colors are orange and red and she is having roses. I wish the pictures were better.

These pictures have nothing to do with cake stuff, but at the bridal shower we did some lip syncing and here are some cute pictures of my adorable daughter singing along. 

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