Saturday, June 28, 2014


We bought the kiddos a kiddie pool and they've had lots of fun since. Good thing they both have a couple of swimsuits… the one Bright is wearing is for a newborn. :) One of my students gave it to me last year when he was born. 

I LOVE having such a nice big, beautiful, well taken care of, backyard. It encourages me to go outside with my kids more. 

Bright was really having fun, splashing around. 

Lila liked to just be chill.

We also got a box from Amazon and Lila and Bright decided to again make a rocket ship… that they could draw on.

I love watching these two play together.

What a cute gap-toothed grin! Just like big sis. when she was his age.

It's fun to be home.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Color Me Rad

On the 21st, I got to participate in the color run in SLC with my sister Jess. We signed up just a few days before the event. If I can be honest, I wasn't sure how well I would run a 5k. I haven't been running really, but I figured it was time to get my butt into gear. 

I remembered to wear white, but I wish I would've taken a before picture so that you could see how drastic the color change was. We all got sunglasses that I think will now become my running glasses. They stayed on really well and if something happens to them I won't be so worried.

Throughout the run there were color stations that you had to run through and they would throw colors on you. I was a little worried I would have a hard time breathing through it, but I was just fine. 

I ended up running the whole thing in 35 minutes. Not the greatest time, but not the worst either! I was happy with it. 

At the end of the race they gave everyone color packs and we all threw colors at each other and danced to music. 

Check out my hair. :) 

Lot's of color all over!

Thanks Jess… It was so much fun!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Time!

Here are a few things that we have been up to lately…

Some of Micah's family came in to town for a family reunion. 

The kids played (or just ate) in the dirt,

climbed a net,

and picked the grass.

We got to go to Great Grandpa Hilton's house up Cottonwood Canyon and spend some good time with him. I LOVE his house. He lives right on the mountain side and his backyard is water running through rocks of granite. I got to bring some beautiful rocks home to use in my classroom. I'm so excited!

We spent a lot of other time with his family, but I didn't take pictures. 

Brighton has found a new favorite toy. He loves covering himself with dad's shirts and then getting his head stuck in the sleeve. It's so funny to watch.

We celebrated Father's day. He got a new drill and Texans hat (please let this year be a better season.) Micah is the best father! 

I really mean that, honey. I want you to know that we are so grateful for all that you do. Thanks for being a wonderful father, companion, friend, son, and confidant. I'm so lucky to get to spend eternity with you.

Lila celebrated her 3rd birthday and she got a fun tunnel on her actual birthday. She and Brighton had a great time breaking it in. It was bent before the first hour of using it was up. :)

I got to use my new mini-bundt pan. Red-velvet chocolate chip cakes. Yum!

I also got to go to my high school's marching band reunion. Yes, I am a band geek and I am proud of it.  Here's most of my family with our band director in the middle. It was good to see so many people. 

It's been a great beginning to the summer. I've really only had the last week off since I had tons of meetings the first two weeks, but it's still been a lot of fun. I look forward to the rest.