Saturday, June 21, 2014

Lila is Three

Our spunky, little gal is now three years old. 

She is a whole bunch of fun and I'm so grateful we got to have her first! We celebrated her birthday by having a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party with the family. 

She was so cute this year because she really understood a lot more when it came to parties. For weeks in advance she would ask about her party and would tell me she was so excited. I was happy to feel like she finally knew what was going on. :) 

The kiddos wore Minnie and Mickey ears. 

Then we had a hot dog bar (hot dog, hot dog, hot diggety dog) and some other delectable delights as well! 

(Ignore the spelling error please.)

My brother-in-laws birthday is also on June 5th so my sister and I put on this party. The giant Mickey cupcake was for him.

My sister Sarah who loves Mickey Mouse, lent Lila this special cup for her birthday. :)

Good times were had. 

She got tons of fun gifts from the family. Thanks everyone!

At three years old Lila is quite the little smartie. She knows almost all of her letters when they are capitalized. Honestly, Micah and I have not really worked on these with her so I'm surprised by how many she knows. Some days she knows ALL of them and others she struggles with a few, like Q and K. She knows her numbers from 1 to 20 and understands the value of the numbers 1-10. As we drive along the street she'll point things out and say things like, "Look momma, three flags" or "look five balloons!" She gets VERY excited! :) She also knows many shapes including square, rectangle, triangle, circle, heart, star, crescent (although she calls it a moon), rhombus (diamond- I kind of hate this. ;)), octagon, and a few others. She also knows all of her colors without getting to crazy with the names. 

This little girl is the funniest little thing. I will tell her she's cute or she's awesome or something like that and she'll say, "I am cute" or "I am awesome" so matter of factly. She loves whispering and having secrets. She loves princesses, all colors, ANIMALS, playing outside, playing in dirt, bubbles, candy, carrots, green beans, cheese, and so many other things. She loves to play with Brighton, although they're not always the best at sharing right now. :) She still eats everything, but not every time it is offered to her. There have been some very frustrating meals with this little one. 

She has the best testimony and says the sweetest things in her prayers. She always talks about temples and when she's building things out of her blocks she often builds a temple. 

I wish I knew her stats (from the doctor- I know I can measure her and weigh her…), but her 3 year appointment isn't until August! :( She does get prettier and prettier every day though.

A creation from Lila that we woke up to one day. 

She loves shoes just as much as her momma. 

Lila has become very independent and really is showing me how quickly she is growing up and how capable she really is. I love this little one so much. I wish I could accurately portray in words just how much she means to me and our little family. 


  1. Happy birthday, Lila! Love her hair in pigtails!

  2. sorry, that was from Megan :)

  3. What a cute idea! Hudson loves Mickey too! She is so adorable!