Saturday, June 28, 2014


We bought the kiddos a kiddie pool and they've had lots of fun since. Good thing they both have a couple of swimsuits… the one Bright is wearing is for a newborn. :) One of my students gave it to me last year when he was born. 

I LOVE having such a nice big, beautiful, well taken care of, backyard. It encourages me to go outside with my kids more. 

Bright was really having fun, splashing around. 

Lila liked to just be chill.

We also got a box from Amazon and Lila and Bright decided to again make a rocket ship… that they could draw on.

I love watching these two play together.

What a cute gap-toothed grin! Just like big sis. when she was his age.

It's fun to be home.

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