Monday, April 28, 2014

4/20/14 - 11 months

I don't know why I get so behind with my blog, but I do. I couldn't let too much more time pass without posting about my nearly one year old little boy… can you believe it?

At 11 months (on Easter Sunday) Brighton is an incredibly good walker. He hardly ever crawls any more and is beginning to "run". His favorite game is to begin walking to an area that he knows he's not supposed to go to (like  Maggie's dog bowl) and then run when he hears us coming. He starts laughing and half the time he falls over because he's laughing so hard. It is so adorable! He LOVES to be chased around.

He is also still a great little eater. He'll put anything in his mouth that we offer or actually give to him to feed himself. It's a lot of fun having a kid that wants food so much. It's funny when he begins to scream because he wants what you have. 

Bright is such a happy little boy. The only times he gets cranky is when he is really hungry and occasionally when he's tired. He loves to chase Lila around and wrestle with her. They are hilarious together. When one starts to laugh the other does too. :) They play really well together and although there is sometimes a struggle with sharing toys they overall share quite well. I'm such a proud mama.

Brighton and Lila in their "rocket-ship".

I can't think of any kind of food that Brighton doesn't like and there aren't too many activities that he doesn't like either. He doesn't really like being in his walker too much anymore, probably because he already knows how to walk. He doesn't like getting his diaper changed either, because he so badly wants to roll over and get away. 

I'm so grateful for the sweetest little guy in the world! I love my children so much and I love that they love each other so much. 

(I actually have a lot more photos of him at 11 months, but I'm saving them for my Easter post)

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