Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Jazz-Rockets Game

On Saturday night we had the great opportunity to attend the Jazz vs. Rockets game thanks to my awesome sister Emma. (Also, thanks Mum for watching the kids. You're the best!) We brought along my sister Sarah and Micah's brother Paul. Sarah and I are Jazz fans and of course Micah and Paul are Houston Rockets fans. 
It all started out well for the Jazz. Enes Kanter became my favorite player. At the half we were leading by 16 points. It looked great for me and a little sad for Micah and his brother. 

Well, it didn't take much time into the second half for the game to turn around. Let's just say we ended up losing by 11 points... 104 to 93. I was sad.

It was a fun night though... We sat in good seats, ate lots of ice cream, and just enjoyed the company of other adults. 
Our ice cream bowl. :) I really liked it!

Our first night out together (apart from the temple the previous Wednesday) since we had Brighton. 

Thanks Ems for the tickets!

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