Monday, November 4, 2013


This Halloween was by far my favorite in my life. It started with a wonderful day at school... the kids were so cute and our party was not overly crazy. It was a lot of fun.
Then, I got home and immediately got Lila and Brighton all dressed up for Halloween. This year Lila was going TRICK-OR-TREATING!!! She was SO excited, even though she didn't totally know what I was talking about before. She got the hang of it really fast.
We drove down to my Mum's to trick-or-treat at her door. I was hoping to surprise her and so I didn't call. Because of that, I got there before her... oops. It's okay though, we just went around her neighborhood. It was a great place to start. At each door she would say "trick-or-treat" then "thanks" then "bye" and sometimes she even blew kisses. It was adorable and oh so fun to watch.
After going to Mum's and stopping by Emma's for a short visit we headed back to our neighborhood to trick-or-treat again. We found Dad and Grandma hanging out outside waiting for trick-or-treaters. Every year we get so excited for people to come by and we are always disappointed. This year was supposed to be different. Our upstairs neighbors got lots of people coming by but they didn't know to come to our door. That's when Micah decided to head outside. It was a little late though. So it was again another disappointing year. We know better for next time at least.
By the time I got home again with Lila, Micah had given up and headed back inside. It was okay, though because we still had lot of fun.
We ended the night by watching, "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" Then, Lila went to bed very content and very sleepy. 
What a great night!

Here we all are: Micah, Waldo, a bear and a monkey. No family theme here. :)

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