Sunday, September 29, 2013

Brighton- 4 months

On September 20th Bright turned four months old. This past week he had his doctor's appointment. Our little guy sure has grown! Here are his stats:

Head: 17 in. 88th percentile
Length: 24 in. 6th percentile
Weight: 15.2 lbs. 40th percentile

Dr. Mumford told us that for premature babies brain development usually catches up first, then weight, and then length, so it looks like Brighton is following along with that pattern perfectly.  I'm interested in seeing his length at six months.  He also said that he'll no longer be on a premature growth curve. He was amazed at his progress and said it's only good news. He seems to have outgrown his acid reflux already... far earlier than expected. All of his progress makes it hard to believe he was so early. I'm grateful I have such healthy babies. I'm so proud of little Bright and how strong he has been. He is the best, happiest, sweetest little guy ever! It fills me with such love and joy just thinking about him. 

At four months old Brighton's personality is starting to come out. He smiles ALL THE TIME and has been smiling for a long time now, but I only have this one terrible picture of it. 

He gets distracted by the camera whenever I try and capture his smile, so I guess that picture is better than nothing. 

He is quite the little giggler, but we haven't yet gotten a true belly laugh from him, so I'd have to say he hasn't really laughed yet. I know it'll come soon though. He loves to "talk" and starts conversations all the time. He's beginning to bald, which makes me a little sad, but he held onto his hair a little longer than his sister. I'm interested to see what color hair he ends up having... and how much!

He seems to be quite close to rolling over and I think he'll go from his back to his front first, just like his big sister. 

He loves his exersaucer, his hands, being cuddled, being held while someone is standing, being on his tummy, eating ;), and laying on his boppy. He also loves his sister, his momma, daddy, and pretty much anyone. He's like Lila in that he doesn't care who holds him. I hope that keeps up! Lila has been so easy because of it. 

This little guy just melts my heart and I'm so grateful he is a part of our family!

We're really blessed to have you, Bright!

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