Friday, December 28, 2012

This time around

Being pretty much done with the first trimester on my second pregnancy I was thinking about similarities and differences between the two. Both times I have been sick and very tired, but I'm not sure which one has been worse. I can't remember the first time very well. (My terrible memory is to blame.) I do think I'm throwing up more now, though. I do know this time, however, that I've been so much hungrier! I know you get hungry more easily when you're pregnant, but this time I feel like I can't satiate it and I feel really sick if I don't eat in enough time. I can't make it through the morning before my lunchtime before having a snack, and I always have to eat a snack during the last hour of work or I feel terrible. This doesn't seem too bad, but I know last time I could work all day and only eat during lunch time and feel just fine. There were days where I would get hungry, but not everyday. I also don't really remember having any intolerances last time. There were times that something wouldn't sound particularly appetizing, but I could eat everything. This time, from about 6 to 12 weeks I could not eat chocolate. It would make me SO sick. Now I can, but only a little bit and I can't have too much junk overall. This baby does not appreciate junk food. ;) I guess that's ok. 

I'm also pretty certain that I'm showing earlier this time. I personally feel like I was showing at six weeks even though I hadn't really gained any weight. I think it was all in my head though. I'm definitely showing now, but I just look fat. :) I've only gained 4-5 lbs. I don't say this to brag (that isn't anything to brag about), I'm just surprised by how much bigger it makes me feel. I have no idea how much I gained last time in my 1st trimester so I can't compare the two. Last time I thought I was showing at 15 weeks, but I was actually 16 weeks, I just didn't know it yet. This time, 12 weeks came around and even Micah said I was beginning to show. 

There are some cool things that come with being pregnant for a second time. For example, over the past week I have already started to feel the baby move, because I know what it feels like and what to expect. It's really cool to know that my past experience has already helped me recognize things this time around. I'm also going to get more maternity clothes this time. I mostly just wore what I already had last time and stretched things out, but I decided it's important to still feel cute so I'm going to do that this time. 

I'm excited to see how the rest of this pregnancy pans out. We find out what we are having on February 19th, and if you're wondering, we have no idea what we are going to have and we honestly don't care. We'd be completely happy either way. It's still a ways off, but I've just decided to post a poll where you can tell me what you think. Will it be baby boy Brighton or little lady Lucy? (That's right, we already have names!) 


  1. I started showing earlier with Joey too! It's fun to read about your pregnancy. My guess is baby girl Lucy! Lucy & Lila--oh my, sooo cute!

  2. Congratulations, Louisa! I'm excited for you and Micah. I also think it will be a little lady Lucy, but I love the name Brighton, so cute! Sorry you're feeling more sick, hope that goes away soon!

  3. I'm sorry you're feeling sick! It's so hard to be sick when you have other things to do. Don't feel weird about needing to eat all the time, that was how it was for me with Rachel. Especially needing to eat or feeling awful.

    I showed a lot earlier with my second as well. And felt him a lot sooner too, which is fun!

    Because I was really sick with my girl, I'm going to guess GIRL.

    That's a relief to already have the names picked out, that's the worst part! (j/k, but it stresses me out)