Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

Our lives have been very busy lately and so blogging has definitely fallen by the wayside. With both of us having pretty busy callings (Micah is now Assistant Executive Secretary) and life in general just being crazy there's not much extra time on our hands. This post is going to be quite the mix of things.

First, our Halloween was so much fun this year! We only went to my parent's trunk-or-treat, but Lila LOVED it and it didn't take long for her to get used to taking the candy and putting in her bucket. The only problem is that she would take from my sister's bucket and then put the candy in strangers' buckets. She almost had the right idea though. :)

We were Cleopatra (me) and Tinkerbell (Lila).

Next, came Thanksgiving. It was so good and the food was DELICIOUS. Not much to report on there, but we were able to spend this Thanksgiving with my family which was a lot of fun.

Over the last little while Lila has been quite the little toddler. I'm sad that she's no longer a baby, even if it has been a while. Anyway, she started nursery and did amazingly well! We'll see if it continues. She loved all of the toys, other kids, and snacks. She did not cry at all and didn't seem to miss us too much. That's how I was, so it's good to hear that she did so well.

Lila loves making things that aren't toys into toys. For example, she loves holding cuties in her hand and playing with them throughout the day. The problem is that she can peel them on her own now so we have to be careful about when she has them. The first time she peeled one was so funny. I could suddenly smell orange so I checked on her only to find that she had peeled almost the entire thing. After watching a little bit longer, she finished peeling, pulled the orange apart, ate it, then proceeded to throw each piece of peel away in the garbage. I was so proud of her! The throwing away was a bit of a surprise, but it really shouldn't have been as she has chores and one of them is to throw her diapers and a few other things away. I love that she is so capable and that she loves to help out with little things around the house.

The next big thing I did was the Santa Fun Run in Provo. It's not that big of a deal seeing as it is only a 5k, but it was a lot of fun to get dressed up as Santa and do it along with two of my sisters and my mum. Thanks guys! They had cookies and milk along the way, but the thought of having those things while running sounded terrible, so I didn't have any, but I did save a cookie for my mum after the race. I was going to push Lila in the race, but then she got a cold that week and I really didn't want her out in the cold so here is just a picture of her little bit of Santa costume. :)

That Saturday with the Santa Fun Run was a long one. I had a meeting for YW for the first 2 hours of the day, then I made the Santa sacks, then the Fun Run, then I went to the Forgotten Carols. With a HUGE amount of help from a few of my sisters and again my mum I was able to make our family's Santa sacks. (Sorry Micah that it's taken me so long.) What a Santa sack is for those that don't know, is a Christmas pillowcase that you sleep on throughout the month of December dreaming about what you want for Christmas. Then, on Christmas Eve you take it off your pillow and lay it at the end of your bed for Santa to fill with gifts. This is one of my favorite traditions growing up! I LOVE how they turned out! Can you guess which one is Micah's? This was before they were entirely finished, but they still look great! Now the Santas have eyes and Rudolph has a shiny red nose, and finally the angel has a cute little gold halo around her head.


We've had such a great time over the past little while and there is so much more I could post about, but this will be good for now. I'm sure I'll be posting again soon about some things that are coming up, but I can't even remember what will be going on soon. One thing for sure is that I will be posting about Lila's 18 month check-up. It's not until she will be 18 1/2 months. 


  1. Santa Sacks-that is so cute! Lila was an adorable tinkerbell!!!

  2. How did you make those?! Tutorial post?? Amazing.