Monday, July 16, 2012

Vitamin D

To all my fellow mothers out there I need your tips and tricks. Lila is now 13 months old and is obviously ready for Vitamin D milk. She doesn't seem to really want it, however. She has had it a couple of times before, but hasn't really taken to it. She doesn't seem to hate it so I'm not worried about that, but she definitely still just wants to feed from me. I don't mind still breastfeeding, but I don't pump anymore and I'll be returning to work again in the next month, so I'll only be doing it at night when I am home. She eats a lot of other stuff so I'm not worried about her diet, but I would like for her to get on milk. She LOVES water and will drink that all day, so I can at least be happy about that. Anyway, what are some things that you did to get your child/children onto Vitamin D milk? Should I really worry about trying to get her to take it or should I just let her be? Thanks for all of your help!

Here's a beautiful picture of our baby girl just because.


  1. I was really worried too. Logan hated whole milk. The doctor told me once I completely stopped nursing he would like it better, but that didn't work either. I had a friend comfort me and tell me that as long as he gets the calcium and hydration he needs, cow's milk is not a necessity. I make sure he eats cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, etc and make sure he drinks plenty of water. If you want to try something else... my sister added just a little ovaltine to the milk and slowly put less and less until it was just milk--that worked for her little girl, but not my little man.

  2. I very slowly transitioned Joey to it. I gave him a cup of pure whole milk and he ended up throwing it all up. Try giving her the regular amount in her bottle, but have one ounce be whole milk. Do that for a week then do two ounces whole milk, then three, etc until the full bottle is whole milk.

  3. I started by switching Emily to formula (I stopped breastfeeding on her first birthday) and then slowly added more milk and less formula to it until it was all milk. She had a hard time with only milk when I first tried switching her to it, she had a lot of stomach problems until i transitioned her slowly. I also warmed the milk up so that it wasn't cold. Emily is almost 3 and still will only take her milk warm.