Thursday, June 7, 2012

1 Year Stats

At 12 months and 2 days old Lila weighs just under 20 lbs. putting her in the 52nd percentile. She didn't even gain a pound over the last three months, but she looks chubby because of her height. :) I love it! Her height is 28 1/4 inches putting her in the 18th percentile. She grew 2 inches from her 9 month appointment and moved from the 8th percentile. So, even though she is very much a shorty, she is getting a little bigger. Finally, her head circumference is 18 inches putting her around the 73rd percentile. Her head size has kind of been all over the place, but never much bigger than this. Her motor skills are all above average and her communication skills are average. We have a little cruiser on our hands. Even though Lila doesn't say too much, she babbles ALL the time and does say "dada" for daddy and "mama" for mommy and food. It's actually pretty funny. Finally, her other big thing she did today was try cow's milk. She didn't reject it, but I can't yet say that she loves it. She definitely still prefers breastmilk, but I'm sure she'll get used to it in no time. Love this little girl!

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