Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Crazy hair days, beautiful smiles, and moving past only headbands... our little girl is getting big.

On another note:
For Valentine's day we kept it low key. I made dinner of chicken rolls, (Micah LOVES these and does not like when I try a new recipe on a holiday :)) mashed potatoes, salad, and homemade chocolate pudding. It was really good. We were of course each other's Valentine, but Lila was also ours. I got a laminator... lame to many, but that is EXACTLY what I wanted. It's the dorky teacher in me. I also was REALLY spoiled by my students! Micah got a shotgun and Lila got this beautiful little quiet book. I'm already making her a few myself, but Micah and I saw this beautiful little one when I was just newly pregnant and I have been wanting it ever since! I'm so glad she got it and I like playing with it myself. It's only for Sunday's though. I love Valentine's Day and love expressing my love to my family.


  1. Her hair! haha oh my goodness, so cute! I want your chicken roll recipe!

  2. Ooo! Share your chicken roll recipe. That sounds yummy! And I'm totally jealous that has more hair that Aurora!

  3. *That Lila has more hair than* I'm not sure how her name got left out, and man! What's up with my spelling today. Sorry :)