Thursday, August 4, 2011

Food Storage

"Food storage to this generation will be as important as boarding the ark was in Noah's." ~Ezra Taft Benson

I've always felt really strongly about being prepared for tougher times just as the Church has encouraged us to, but Micah and I have seriously been talking about it and decided to get a start. We already had 72 hour kits which are great, and I've picked up some Jello, Pasta, cereal, and canned some fruit, but we needed to get further. Macey's is currently having it's case lot sale and so we decided to take advantage and add a little to our storage. Now we're still poor and don't have much room so we don't have a ton, but it was a great beginning. We got 24 cans of corn, 24 cans of green beans, 48 cans of tuna, 24 lbs. of brown sugar, 25 lbs. of sugar, 50 lbs. of flour, and some apple juice. The sugar and flour are especially great since I LOVE to bake and cook (after all the baking season is coming up!) and know we will go through it and we were able to save some money and have it in our storage for now.

We're excited about this beginning and are grateful to my mum for other canned goods. As we organize our area under the stairs and find more room we're going to be picking up rice, rolled oats, beans, fruit, and other things. We hope to build up our storage a little every month. I encourage all of you to get started on yours! I know there isn't always a lot of room or money, but just start with little things.


  1. That's so great! We keep some under our bed because we don't have an extra closet :) One thing I do is buy 2 extra items every time I go grocery shopping and put it with the food storage. I figure anything is better than nothing!

  2. We have been working on our 3 month supply as well. The hardest part is just starting! It's so easy to get overwhelmed! Love the quote you posted--nice reminder to keep going and trying.