Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Yesterday we got a huge DUMPING of snow by our house. The thing is our house is in a cul-de-sac that sinks down like a bowl. Our truck is rear-wheel drive, which by the way does NOT work in Utah winters, and so sometimes has a hard time in the winter. The other night Micah and I couldn't even park in front of our house, but instead parked on the road 50 yards away because we couldn't get up the slight incline covered in snow due to sliding and eventually no momentum to move forward. The next day was when we got the majority of our snow and so we were stuck in our parking spot on the side of the road, but the day wore on, the snow wore down, and snow plows came to help and we were able to at least get our truck in front of our house. We then had to shovel our driveway that was covered in at least 8 inches of snow to get our truck up. It wasn't really too bad though because two of our neighbors helped and eventually some people brought their four-wheelers and got rid of the rest. I have to admit I forgot how hard it can be to shovel snow. Eventually though we got our truck up to our spot and there it is staying unless we have an emergency. You know as crazy as the day was and as frustrating as not being able to park in our spot was, it really was fun and felt good to be outside and working in the snow. I also can't complain too much because the snow looks beautiful and makes it feel more like Christmas. It's going to be a white Christmas after all.

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  1. Love your red hat (in your header picture). That is darling!
    I got your comment too:
    Shoot me an e-mail :) I love talking about it and especially since we're so close in due dates it will be fun to have someone to relate to.