Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My first appointment

I went in for my first doctor's appointment on Monday since becoming pregnant. I was really hoping to hear the heartbeat or having something done to help me feel less worried about my baby. The only things they did were take a urine sample and tons of blood (at least it seemed ;)), but they told me that there is nothing that is concerning to them so they don't feel that I need any scans this early in. My next appointment isn't until December 21st. I'll be 13 weeks 2 days then and I can't wait. I am really impatient and really hope that everything continues to go well. My pregnancy hasn't been too bad thus far. I've definitely thrown up and been even more tired than I usually am, but it has not been nearly as bad for me as it has been for a lot of my friends.

If you've had a baby or are at least further along in your pregnancy and can give me advice to stay calm I would love to hear it! I can't believe how paranoid I have been... I feel kind of crazy...

Also Megan, when are you due? Maybe we are pretty close together? :)

P.s. Micah and I have to speak on Sunday. The topic is gratitude so at least we know there are a lot of talks on that! I need all the help I can get.


  1. LOU!!! Congrats chica! Don't stress, you'll be a great home to this baby as long as you take care of yourself. :) I'm so happy for you and Micah!

  2. AH!!!! Congratulations! I have my first appointment with the ultrasound/getting the due date this afternoon so I don't have an exact date yet, I'm guessing I'm due at the end of June. We are probably just within a couple weeks of each other :)
    The advice is to drink LOTS of water. I've had lots of issues with dehydration this time around and I feel really stupid for it haha.
    Yay! So happy for you guys. I'll have to write you on facebook about what stuff is really worth buying and what is a waste of money...

  3. YAY!!!! I'm so happy for you guys!! When is your due date? A couple things that have been helpful for me are the website babycenter.com They give weekly updates on your baby's development & you can get all kinds of helpful info there. Also, I read the book "What to expect when you're expecting" and that has been really helpful too with trying to figure out what's normal and what's not. I was pretty stressed and a worried freak for a long time with this pregnancy, just because we lost the last one, but things have been practically perfect so we've been extremely grateful. Another suggestion would just be to talk to Micah about any concerns you have and then to pray and do research together. It helps a ton when you're both on the same page and can talk about any concerns you have openly.

    Seriously so happy for you, darling! Can't wait to see your cute pregnant tummy :)