Monday, September 27, 2010

It's Autumn Time...

I'm totally copying you Megan and telling everyone what I most look forward to this fall as it is also my favorite season.
1. Taking family pictures with the beautiful changing colors
2. The cool weather and cute clothes
3. HALLOWEEN!!! (and the beginning of a bunch of holidays)
4. Losing weight-- I hope :)
5. Carving Pumpkins

6. BYU games- even though we're doing very badly
7. Hot Chocolate- who am I kidding? I drink that all year.
8. Any adventures to come

Here is Micah's list-- he's actually contributing :)
1. PROFESSIONAL football season- emphasis (obviously) on the professional, as college sports have never been particularly interesting to him... including BYU.
2. A new season of Top Gear
3. Cooler weather- hopefully cold
4. Baseball playoffs (the only sort of baseball he enjoys on t.v.)
5. Thanksgiving

That'll do pig... that'll do.


  1. Lame pictures I know, and don't worry... Micah's BYU comment hurt me, too, but he still loves BYU.

  2. A GREAT BBC car show that Micah loves (and so do I, of course I do, it's British).