Monday, March 10, 2014

Splish! Splash!

Brighton enjoyed his first big bath on Saturday with his sister Lila. Lila really didn't like baths for a long time and she definitely did not enjoy splashing, but it looks to be that Brighton is the opposite. I hope so. He really loved moving around, grabbing things, and splashing water in his face. Lila did such good job with her brother in the tub. I am impressed every day with how well she treats her little brother. I just hope it keeps up! They will be the best of friends.

By the way… his tooth appears to be just fine now. Time will tell, I guess.

Lila really wanted Brighton to be ready for the picture so she kept on pulling on him and trying to get him to say "cheese". I promise she's not trying to choke him. It was adorable! :)

Other bath time picture fun… 
Lila created this beautiful house in the tub one day. Don't you love her rubber ducky crown?

All the black all over our tub is from Lila's bath crayons. Lots of fun but a pain to clean up. 

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