Monday, February 3, 2014

Mommy-Daughter Time

Lila and I haven't been able to do that much together since Bright came along. I mean, we do spend time together, but not just the two of us. Brighton is with me all through church unless I teach, he's with me at mutual on Tuesdays, he's with me if I go to someone else's house, go out to lunch, or go to the store. Lila on the other hand is usually the one that stays home or goes out with Micah. It's just been easier that way.
I was missing my time with my beautiful babe however so I decided to take Lila on a mommy/daughter date to see Frozen. I really wanted to see it, I really wanted to spend time with her, and I really wanted to see how she would do in a movie theatre watching a Disney movie. It seemed like a perfect situation.  We headed to the theatre on Saturday morning. The theatre was pretty full, but with other families with young kids. I was grateful. Lila was obviously unsure of what was going on, but she was also excited. I was nervous that she'd get restless and start to get noisy and we'd have to leave, but the little girl was so great!
She didn't really sit. Instead she stood right behind the chairs of the row in front of us, but she was quiet and kept her hands to herself. I honestly think she wanted to get closer to the screen because she was loving it so much. She moved around a bit, but only in front of me not other people. (We had a few empty seats next to us).
After the movie she told me, "I liked the show. I liked the princesses." It was really cute. Then on the way home she kept on trying to sing the "Let it go" song, but all she could remember were those three words. I was so proud of her though and I had such a great time with her.
The next week we went to a Night of Broadway at the Scera in Orem. My sisters were in it and Micah and I really thought Lila would enjoy it. She absolutely LOVED it. At the beginning of the show a girl held out her arms and held out a long note and Lila copied her. It was really cute. I was just glad it wasn't too loud to disrupt others. She then sat fairly well for the majority of the show. She was really interested in the show, but she also wanted to be with her cousins Mia and Hallie, not with her mom. :) Then, with the final individual performance number, there was a break in the song and at that exact moment Lila turns to me and, not very quietly, announces "Momma, I like this show." It was adorable and people around us laughed.
She really loved seeing her aunts sing and enjoyed all of the musical numbers. It was a great night out with her, and I'm glad to be exposing her to Broadway music so early on.
I had such a great time with Lila both nights and she really was very well behaved. I really need to spend more time with her like this. OH I LOVE MY LITTLE GIRL!!!

On a side note, Brighton's first tooth came in on January 26th, and he began to sleep through the night the very next night. I know, I know, 8 months old, but I guess it's better late than never.


  1. Frozen is the most perfect movie for a little girl! What a fun mommy daughter date.

  2. Hooray for Broadway! Glad you got to enjoy it with your girl!

  3. I loved the movie frozen I went to see it with my children. We had an outing in new York and found a cool vender that sells these shirts that say Pratt girls rock he was selling them in front of the theater. I think I have a link for them