Sunday, March 3, 2013


Last night my beautiful little 21 month old got a concussion. She fell off a chair and landed on her head. The minutes that followed were seriously scary. I'm just grateful Micah and I were both home to take care of her. When she first fell, Micah picked her up and he said that she was cockeyed and her limbs seemed to be frozen, then she seemed to come back to us but was having a VERY difficult time staying conscious. She never fully passed out though, thank heavens. She was then having a hard time crying even though you could tell she wanted to and she was super lethargic. After a couple of minutes she started throwing up and she threw up everywhere... all over me, the floor, the couch... That's when we decided we needed to go to the emergency room. I held her in my arms as we drove to the hospital. She was still so out of it. She couldn't even really move because she was so tired. I just wanted to keep her awake. She only moved in the car to lean forward again to throw up. I've never seen her throw up so much. Once we got to the ER we were immediately brought in and had to answer some questions about her. Because it was a head trauma we were helped pretty quickly. While waiting for the doctor, she was very clingy (which is completely understandable), but at the same time she wanted to get down  from our laps, then she would feel too dizzy and would need us to hold her again. She threw up again in the exam room, but at least started to kind of talk again. She had been completely silent before other than a little bit of occasional crying. The nurse came and gave her some nausea medicine. Once that got into her system she started to do a lot better. They had us wait at least an hour after before we could go home to make sure she was okay. If she wasn't returning to her normal self then we would have had to do a ct scan. They really didn't want to do one because she's so young and it's so much radiation, so when they gave us the option when she appeared to be returning to normal we decided against it. When we were discharged they said if we can't wake her up or if she starts to throw up again we were to bring her back in. They said she definitely had a concussion, but seemed to be recovering well. Micah and I got up several times last night to wake her up and make sure everything was okay. So far today she hasn't shown any signs of trauma, thank goodness!

The first few minutes of all of this were the scariest of my life. I could tell something was wrong and I hated that it wasn't an easy fix. By the end of our time at the hospital she was back to wanting nurses and doctors holding her and talking non-stop. She loves other people. It was a very long night, but I have so much to be thankful for. Lila ended up being okay and Micah was great the whole time.

 You can't tell from the picture, but she was really pale.

She was starting to feel better at this point. 
That day had been going so well. I woke up and went to the temple, we went shopping, cleaned our house, cooked food, did laundry, went for a walk, and were just having a great day. I'm grateful that even though there were scary moments, all things worked out in the end. I'm so grateful for the power of the priesthood. To know that Micah can give blessings is such an amazing gift. I'm grateful for the gospel in our lives and that we had the Lord to rely on.