Wednesday, May 9, 2012

1 month shy

On Saturday Lila turned 11 months. The little beauty is amazing. She is so much fun, has so much personality, and is making me fall in love with her each and every day. I can't even remember what life was like without her, but I know it wasn't as good. Anyway, Lila hasn't actually changed much since 10 months. She still has 4 teeth, she still crawls (although she has taken more steps), she still eats pretty much anything, and she can still melt your heart. She doesn't love baby food/treats like she used to and has now experienced different kinds of Cheerios, which have become her preference. She loves pineapple, getting into mischief, the camera, Matilda, everyone (she's over stranger anxiety. Yay!), Jesus, listening to music, and of course her momma and daddy. Even though not much has changed with her, one thing that has changed is my absolute favorite thing. She gives hugs and kisses that she means to give. You can feel her attempting to kiss you back. :) However, if she does not want to give you a kiss you can ask and encourage and she will NOT do it. She is a stubborn, independent baby. Just another thing to love about her. Oh! One last thing, she is starting to wave! Here is our little angel:
P.S. The pants are a little short, but those clothes are 6 months and they still fit her pretty darn well. P.S.S. Grandma (Mum), she does normally wear something over those shoulders, we were just relaxing at home. ;) hehe.


  1. Hahahaha, love your comment about the shoulders !!! What a crack up !! My goodness she is beautiful Louisa. You guys did a really good job in the baby looks department but then you are both beautiful too !! A gorgeous family that I miss so very much. xxxx

  2. I still get a kick out of Matilda. Not what I imagine a baby girl's favorite toy would be!!! :) Almost a year, CRAZY!!!

  3. I love that first picture. She's stinking cute. And I'm glad that we're not the only ones who try to keep our baby modest! Love you guys!
    P.S. Rori's almost 16 months, and we just barely put away her 12 month clothes, although most of them still fit okay, just getting snug finally :)