Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Callings

Micah and I were given new callings today in our (recently new) ward. It was interesting because we thought for sure Micah was going to be called to the activities committee since they asked him to help plan the Christmas party, but indeed that did not happen. Instead Micah was called to be the Sunday School teacher of the 15 year olds in our ward. It's kind of funny since Micah wanted any calling other than to be a teacher, but I thought it could happen since he so badly didn't want it. Anyway, he sat in on the class this week to prepare for next week and actually really enjoyed himself so I think all will turn out just fine. I actually think that Micah will do really well teaching teenagers as much as he doesn't think so. As far as my calling... I was called to be the primary teacher for the Valiant 9 year olds. I'm really excited. They said that they thought I would do well as I am already a primary age teacher and have had experience. It should be fun to go back into primary for the lessons as well as sharing time. We're both very excited about our new callings and now feel even more a part of our awesome ward. Let's see how this all goes. :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010


So I was going to post yesterday, but then I realized that all my pictures from the Aquarium with my friend Julia somehow got erased. I am VERY sad about it and originally decided not to post, but I have since changed my mind. I am going to tell you about the Aquarium now because I will be going back with Micah and will take more pictures then that will not somehow get erased. The Living Planet Aquarium is located in Sandy, Utah and is so much fun. I was surprised by the variety they had. It starts out with a part about living things in Utah which was kind of boring but at the same time kind of cool. I was nervous about it at this point because Julia was visiting from AZ and it was the first time I had seen her in a long time and the first time I saw her baby so I didn't want it to be a waste of time dragging her baby around. It soon got cool though with the different type of jellyfish, even the kind that changes colors, and a huge octopus. I won't tell you everything that was there, but my favorite part was with the penguins. I did not realize how fast penguins can swim. They were zooming around the tank and diving in from the ground above. It was REALLY cool. After the penguins was an exhibit called "Journey to South America" with some other really cool creatures. Anyway, if you haven't been I encourage you to go. Micah and I will be going soon and I will post pics then so you can see a little bit better just how cool it was. :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Halloween Cruise 2

This really is the second post, but I didn't think ahead and so this one is coming before. Ha!

Halloween Cruise

Tonight Micah and I went on a "Halloween Cruise" down the Provo river. It was actually a lot of fun. It was just a quick 30 minute trip and definitely family oriented, but it was fun to just try something novel for the holidays. We were put on a ferry and pulled along by a captain. There were lighted pumpkins all along the side of the river and hanging halloween lights through the trees. The captain told pirate jokes and scary stories, when we were hijacked by a enemy pirate who swung from the edge and landed in the water. I felt bad for him and his 'mate' as the water was very cold, but they brought us candy so I was glad they came. Anyway, I don't really need to tell you everything that happened, but like I said it was simple but very fun and they do it at Christmas so I'm excited for that to come around. The pictures aren't all good, but I'm still going to post them and sorry there are so many. :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Conference was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good this time around. I love that after every conference I feel so inspired and feel better about who I am. The greatest blessing of conference to me is that I always learn how to do better and think about things I should work on, but I never feel like it is an impossible task. I don't even have one favorite talk... yet... the more I think about what I heard the more likely I am to really focus and love one. There were several parts that I loved though including "love is spelt T.I.M.E.", by having a testimony of my own I can fully support the leaders of the church without being a so called "blind follower", the words of the living prophet are more pertinent than those of the past-- I already knew this, but I still loved it-- and finally I loved all of President Packer's talk this morning. I'll post more of my favorite quotes when I can read the talks online. I don't have the best memory for specifics, ask Micah he will attest to this. Also, Micah LOVED priesthood and said it was one of the best since his young men's days. He really wants me to watch/read the talks so I will be doing that also. I heard a lot about priesthood from several men actually so I will recommend it to all of you as well. I would love to hear about others favorite parts of conference.