Thursday, June 30, 2016

Random June Photos

Here we go with the photo dump from June.

One night we went to check on our kids before heading to bed. When we went into Lila's room, we couldn't find her, but could hear her slightly snoring. After a short search, we found her under her bed. I told you she ends up in the weirdest places when sleeping!

I had to include these pictures because I have pictures of Lila wearing this exact same cupcake pan on her head as a little girl. Oh and yes, he is wearing girl underwear. We hadn't yet bought boy underwear, but wanted to get him started potty training. We've since remedied that. :)

 Baby cousin Vance came to visit us. Lila just loves babies!

 Brighton got invited to his first friend party this summer. He loved that slip 'n' slide!

 Lila decided to create her own superhero costume out of the cape she and her daddy made and a belt on her head.

The morning of Micah's birthday, my brother Jared called and asked if we wouldn't mind watching his baby girl Q for a few days while he took his wife and oldest daughter to London for his daughter's birthday. Jealous!!! 
Of course we said yes! Look at this adorable babe! 

 Lila loved having a baby around to cuddle.

She was pretty happy by the end of her stay with us. We sure loved having her around.

June was a fun month.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Micah is 30!

Old man, old man, Micah is an old man! The love of my life turned 30 today. Life is just rushing by.  

We celebrated exactly as he would like, on our own, with no big party. We dropped the kids off at my mum's house, then Micah and I went on a date to Shoots. He LOVES Chinese food, and since he couldn't have his all time favorite, Happy Lamp, this would have to suffice. It was a delicious meal and a fun time for just the two of us.

After the date, we picked up the kids and headed home to enjoy some cake. This year I made a Tres Leches cake. He has been in love with that kind ever since my sister's wedding where her cake was Tres Leches. I was happy with how it turned out for my first time every making one.

Singing happy birthday to the ol' man.

Happy birthday, love! Here's to 70 more!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day

What can I say? We love Micah/daddy. He is a wonderful leader for our family. I'm grateful that he is my eternal companion and the patriarch to my children. He is really good about supporting us, consoling us, cheering us on, strengthening us, and just being there for us. 

Here's some apple pie for you... just like you wanted.

I hope you had a wonderful day, honey!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Cherry Picking

This summer my sister, Emma, found an orchard in Payson that lets you come and pick your own cherries. At only $1 a pound we were there! 

I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. I mean, I've been in cherry orchards before, but sometimes when you go to these u-pick places they can be rather small.  That was not the case with these cherries. There were a ton of trees just dripping with cherries... four different kinds!

I took the kids along. I love teaching my kids about where their food comes from. Heaven forbid my kids think that meat, fruit, and other items are made in a grocery store. ;) 

When we drove up, the very sight of the trees was honestly breathtaking. I couldn't believe how many cherries there were and how beautiful it looked! There were so many cherries that you didn't really even need the ladders if you didn't want them. The kids loved that they could so easily reach the delicious fruits and Lila LOVED snacking on them... don't worry, the owners said kids could eat what they wanted. 

After arranging them all beautifully in the dehydrator, I read that it should be skin side down. :( Don't worry I fixed it... I'm not sure if I had to, but, oh well. At least when I did whole ones it didn't matter. 

 That shirt became Lila's cherry picking/eating shirt... for obvious reasons.

In no time at all, we had picked five pounds. They were delicious cherries and something about picking them ourselves made them taste even better. I ended up going cherry picking twice with the kids, and both times we had a blast. At home we ate fresh cherries, dried some, gave some away, and froze some.

We can't wait until next year! 

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Lila is FIVE!

On the morning of her fifth birthday, my dearest little Lila woke up with a very puffy face. I'm not exactly sure why, but it was sad to see. Luckily, it did not dampen her mood in the slightest!  We were still able to celebrate our first born on her day of birth.

Since her birthday was on a Sunday, we had to keep things local... to our house. :) We started off the morning with some birthday pancakes with extra sprinkles! She also wore her cute little birthday crown that she had saved from preschool.

Can you see how her face is all puffy? We never figured out why it happened, but it was mostly gone by the evening and all the way gone by the next morning.

Opening her family gifts. I love her reactions! Kids are the best.

She finally got her own barbie doll, Rapunzel. She's been wanting one for quite awhile. 

This year on her cupcake (a Nutella one... yum!), we put trick candles. She had a heck of a time trying to blow them out. :)

Our little girl is the light of our lives. She really does make the world a better place. Not just our world, either. She's incredibly kind and considerate. She is often thinking of others and concerned about how they can best be helped.

This girl is quite the little smarty, too. She learned a lot in preschool this year and very quickly. She was a very big helper for her teachers and other students. I can't wait for her to begin Kindergarten.

Lila really loves girly things like Barbies, My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake, Frozen, princesses, dressing up, being a mommy to her baby dolls and stuffed animals, etc. That's not all there is to her, though, as she also really loves watching sports, playing soccer, running around, learning about animals, looking at insects (although she's terrified of flies in real life! Like, crazy scared!) and so many other things. 

The things that come out of her mouth always amaze me.  Sometimes she is the funniest little girl, sometimes the most thoughtful. Often she is very spiritual and teaches me things. 

We love this little girl. 
Happy Birthday beanie babe!