Monday, October 21, 2013


Yesterday our little boy turned 5 months old! How fun these last 5 months have been. He is soooooo much fun. It brightens my day just thinking of him.
He has lost A LOT of his hair, just like his sister did. I do think he held onto his hair longer than Lila though because he has these super long whispies on top and they look AWESOME! :) The good news is that his real hair is already coming in and I'm pretty sure (dun da da DA)... it's brown! I'm so happy. Of course I love Lila's hair and wouldn't have really cared if it had been blonde, but our kids just look so much like Micah it's fun to see one of them getting something from me. (Although, I was blonde when I was little...)
Our little boy still loves his exersaucer and now he jumps around in it like crazy. I know he doesn't totally do it on purpose, but it's hilarious watching him just bounce around inside. He loves to watch Lila and it's funny to watch him swivel around in the exersaucer as he tries to follow her. She can get some of the biggest smiles out of him. I can't wait to see them interact more as they both get older.
He also rolls constantly all over the place. We have to be very careful. He hasn't had any accidents yet, but sometimes he makes me nervous.
He already doesn't like to get put into his carseat, which makes me sad since Lila never did that. He arches his back and tries to fight me when I put him in. He also will only be in his swing if he's asleep. As soon as he wakes up, if he's not strapped down, he'll start to kick his way out to the point he almost falls out... once again it hasn't happened.
He's a VERY HAPPY baby. I love coming home to such a smiley boy.
He still loves to cuddle (yay!) and is very content being held.
He makes all sorts of noise, laughs all the time. We finally got a really good laugh out of him on the 10th, but he doesn't consistently laugh that hard. I can't wait for that time.
He's a great eater and generally a very good sleeper.
He has beautiful long eyelashes, chunky cheeks, the sweetest smile, and a wonderful temperament.

Here is our handsome little guy now...

Our little boy enjoying football... don't judge. :)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Roll Over

This morning Brighton rolled over for the "first" time. (He rolled over once in the hospital and then once at about 5-6 weeks, but I don't really count them.) It's quite the funny story how we happened to catch it.

Bright was in his exersaucer when he started to get really fussy, so Micah pulled him out and he was covered in poo, mostly on his back. Whenever Bright has a dirty diaper in the exesaucer it gets everywhere. Anyway, Micah laid him out on a towel on his stomach so he could try cleaning up his back and immediately Brighton rolled over. He was very quick so it was unexpected. It also made changing his diaper and cleaning him up that much more difficult. ;) Every time after that, if Micah would let go of him, he would immediately roll over. It was so cute! He did it so well and easily it made me think he's probably been able to do it for a couple of days, but hasn't been on his stomach for a little while.

I thought for sure he would roll from his back to his tummy like Lila, but I guess he wants to carve out his own path. It's so fun watching him grow! I'm so happy that it happened before I left for work and so I was home to see him do it.