Saturday, May 21, 2011


I now have my hospital bag together. It was a relief getting it done. We have the car seat installed and the stroller put together. I've washed all of her clothes, but still need to put them away... not looking forward to that. I made a big wall decoration for her wall. It's the letter L in yellow gingham material with padding. I got my inspiration from the "E" in FRIENDS... haha. I'm getting really excited and impatient. It's all becoming very, VERY real. We have diapers and wipes for the beginning. I have all the little accessories to make her happy. The only thing we don't have yet is the crib, but we're not worrying about that until after Micah's parents are no longer here. We want to make sure there is enough room in the spare bedroom for them and we're using a bassinet for the first little while anyway. It will be fun assembling that. :) When her room is actually put together with the crib then I'll post pictures. Right now there isn't much to look at. I can't wait for our little baby girl to come! Hopefully I won't have to wait more than the 4 weeks I have until my due date and she may even come early as she already tried once. We'll see. Two weeks left of school... hallelujah. I love my job, but am SOOOOOO looking forward to the break. Any last minute advice? Anyone? We know that we can't really be prepared for the reality of it all, but we are trying. ;)

Monday, May 9, 2011


Apparently I went into early labor today. They didn't stop the contractions, but they have now sent me home with things to try and stop them. I'm only at 34 weeks, but I'm already 80% effaced. I'm only dilated 1+ cm though. I think everything will be fine, but boy is it painful. I can't go to work until Wednesday, but I'm grateful everything is fine and Lila is still healthy. They considered just having me stay at the hospital but they really want to try and make it a few more weeks at least. The whole time I was laying there I just kept thinking about all I still need to do and how I didn't have my hospital bag with me because I had left from work. Crazy! I know that I'm just rambling, but all these thoughts are spilling out of my head!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

34 weeks

Here I am at 34 weeks. I feel huge, and I feel like I look huge, but I'm only measuring 4 days ahead and I'm not gaining too much weight so who knows. Some people have told me that I look huge and some have said that I don't look big enough to be due in 6 weeks. I'm sure people are just trying to be nice, but it sure makes me feel better than being told I look huge. Haha. I'm really not sensitive about it even though it sounds like I am. :) Anyway, it's going well, but I'm definitely getting REALLY uncomfortable and my pelvic bone and hips hurt really bad when I lay down or when I try and get up from sitting or laying down. They hurt when I walk too, but it's not super bad. Night time is the worst though. I have to wake Micah up any time I need to change positions so he can help me because I'm in too much pain. My poor husband is so loving even though he's losing a lot of sleep too. Any suggestions of what to do or did anyone have these kinds of pains? I'm not too worried, but should I be? I plan on telling my doctor about it on Thursday at my appointment and I think everything will check out. We'll see. My baby is huge so maybe she's just putting more pressure down there while my joints are loosening. Any advice or thoughts are welcome.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Has it really been 3 years?

I know 3 years doesn't sound that long, but I can't believe how quickly it went and how much I have grown! I feel like I've known Micah forever and I can't imagine loving him any more. Of course I thought that the day we got married and now I love him a million times more than before. He has been the most amazing husband, partner, and friend. I don't know how I got so lucky, but I'm so happy that it's only the beginning. We've enjoyed our time with just the two of us, and are really looking forward to our coming family. I could list all the reasons that I love him, but it would take forever and I'd be afraid of missing things. In the end, I just want to say that I LOVE YOU, MICAH!!! Thank goodness you are around. You make everyday worth it. I hope that I can live up to my end of the promises that I made you the beautiful day we were sealed for eternity. You are my everything.