Monday, February 28, 2011


One advantage of being the youngest in a large family and not having the first grandchild is that you get a lot of hand me down clothing for babies. I already have 4 nieces on my side of the family and the oldest is only 5 so the clothes aren't outdated. This all adds up to me getting a lot of baby clothing for free. As I was searching through the many boxes of clothes I would hold one up and say "look how cute" or "I can't wait to put Lila in these outfits" and my dad would just laugh or Micah would say "you just can't wait to dress up our baby, huh?" He's absolutely right! Not that I see my baby as a doll, but baby clothes are seriously sooooo adorable, and even though I have a ton of clothes, I know I'm going to get some more because I can't help but giving in a little. There's so much cute stuff out there. I really, really can't wait until I say our adorable baby girl... all in good time, I know.

On an unrelated note, my school did a thing called "flabuless February" where we had to have certain goals that would improve our health. Every time we met one of the eight goals we got to fill out a ticket and put it into a drawing. Well this morning they drew out names and I won two prizes! I won a bag of dried fruit, and a $25 gift card to Costa Vida. I know not super healthy, but I'm still excited that I won anything. They seriously had some awesome prizes. Our PTA rocks!

Finally, I have to tell you this cute little story about my 2nd grade class. My kids absolutely love that I'm having a baby, and the girls are especially excited. Well, the other day a little girl in my class came up to me and asked if I could leave everyone in the classroom during afternoon recess and just wait out in the hall. I was nervous to do this, but she really wanted to do a surprise for me so I agreed. Anyway, after the bell rang I walked back into the classroom as I needed to go back to teaching, and my students had the lights off and made me close my eyes. They then placed something in my hands for me to hold. Then they counted to three and had me open my eyes and they yelled "surprise" and threw confetti in the air. They had placed a baby doll in my arms and written sweet notes on the whiteboard about how great of a mom I'm going to be because they love me as a teacher, etc. Finally, they also had made a giant card out of a poster board and each and every student wrote me a little note and signed their name to it. It was really random, but so adorable! They've known about the baby since December now but they still love to do little things for me every now and then. How lucky am I to have such adorable kids to teach? I really do love my job!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

22 weeks 3 days

So I'm getting worse at actually documenting this pregnancy, but I'm still doing it right? Also, don't you love my fake smile?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Micah and I decided to keep Valentine's Day low key this year, and I'm so happy that we did. We agreed that Micah would make dinner and I would do dessert. It turned out AMAZING!! First, I came home to Micah surprising me with flowers and working really hard on dinner. He tried a new recipe and made us Chicken Scampi. I LOVE Olive Garden's Chicken Scampi and so when I realized that's what it was I was sooooo excited. It really tasted delicious and just like the Olive Garden. For dessert I made an apple cake with cream cheese frosting, also a new recipe, and it turned out really nice. It has real bits of apple in it and was nice and moist. Anyway, it was a great evening and now Micah and I get to just spend the rest of the night together relaxing, and enjoying each other's company. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Micah's 3rd post

So yup, we're having a girl. No complaints here... although that could change when puberty hits. I genuinely look forward to fatherhood and holding my newborn baby. We've been married for almost 3 years and parenthood is next. Lots of sleepless nights, poopish diapers, and less money for frivolity (not that there's much now).
But in other news I am excited as I've received a research position at BYU working with Dr. South in his research of autism in children. I'm excited to be a part of real science happening. This is the sort of stuff I hope to do as a career. I've also been promised a capstone position, assuming I don't screw anything up in some sort of crazy manner, for this summer... which means that I get some school credit for my work this summer to help me graduate. Anyway, this was a big day for me.

Also, I'm playing Axis and Allies on the 19th and need a win badly... Newt and Jordy can suck it. I've lost 2 in a row. Once as Japan and once as America. This time I'm Germany.

So did I mention that I got rid of all my video games? Louisa was a good wife and told me not to, as she's knows I enjoy them, but I did anyway. Just like we got rid of Facebook and other stuff like that... it's just so much time wasting stuff that we don't have the time to waste on. Heck I hardly watched any football this last season. And we're about to downgrade our cable package so that TV becomes less relevant as well. I'll miss Top Gear. Ya know, if I was gay, it'd be for a guy like Jeremy Clarkson... 6'5", 50, gray hair, chubby, wealthy, funny, intelligent, and drives around in 100000 pound cars all the time. Yea, I'm a gold digger. He likes guns too. And on that queer note... adios.

I felt her!

I have been feeling her move around a lot for a while now, but I finally felt her kick or punch from the outside. My hand was just resting on my belly when I suddenly felt a very distinct bump. It actually made my hand move, but I think it was more from me being surprised than it being that hard. I only wish that Micah could have felt it, but I believe that time will come soon. I'm not surprised that I was able to feel her this week though, since I saw exactly how squirmy she is during the ultrasound. She seriously would not keep still and kept moving her arms and legs around sometimes in the way of us trying to see things. In the end we got all the pictures we needed though and more. In fact I was sent home with 23 pictures and a DVD of our beautiful baby girl moving around with her heartbeat also recorded on it. I'm really loving this time in the pregnancy, and can't wait until we really start getting things for her. One of my cute little students brought me some baby girl pajamas the day after I told my students that we were having a girl. I've already hung it up in her closet and can't wait to add more to it!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Yay!! It's a........

GIRL!! Micah and I are so delighted that we are having a girl. As the pregnancy progressed we were leaning more toward a girl, even though we would have loved the baby either way of course. The ultrasound technician was super nice and honestly thought that Micah was hilarious. It was so beautiful to see our baby on the screen, and yes, I did cry. Everything appears to be going really well and she looks as healthy as she can possibly be. She weighs about 15 oz. right now and is growing beautifully. The only change that we had was that we found out I am actually 21 weeks and 2 days along rather than 20w3d. I wasn't surprised by this though, as I had a feeling I was actually further along. They decided to change my due date so it has moved from June 25th to the 19th. I'm loving the experience and excited that we are going to have a little girl join our family. Thanks for all the love. Here are our baby's first pictures...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

20 weeks!!

Yay! We find out in two days what our baby is going to be! We don't care what it is as long as it is healthy. :) Here's me at 20 weeks and 1 day...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

19 Weeks

So Micah didn't seem to think it was necessary to include my head, but whatever. :)